Engineering Analysis of Flight Vehicles

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"Written by one of the leading aerospace educators of our time, each sentence is packed with information. An outstanding book." — Private Pilot
"Illuminated throughout by new twists in explaining familiar concepts, helpful examples and intriguing 'by-the-ways.' A fine book." — Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal
This classic by a Stanford University educator and a pioneer of aerospace engineering introduces the complex process of designing atmospheric flight vehicles. An exploration of virtually every important subject in the fields of subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic aerodynamics and dynamics, the text demonstrates how these topics interface and how they complement one another in atmospheric flight vehicle design.
The mathematically rigorous treatment is geared toward graduate-level students, and it also serves as an excellent reference. Problems at the end of each chapter encourage further investigation of the text's material, the study of fresh ideas, and the exploration of new areas.

Title: Engineering Analysis of Flight Vehicles
Author: Holt Ashley